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Ocean Fish

RM 14.90

Net Weight: 100 gram

Ingredients: Sardine Fish,White Fish, Mackerel Fish,That’s it.

Fish is a lovely protein – very easily digested. We all know that fish, rich in Omega 3 is great for coat skin and joints, but we want even more goodness. Made with fresh sardine,mackerel and white fish, these fish dog treats have all the yumminess that discerning dogs expect from fish but with some added extras to support your dog’s health. 

Paw Shaker is a delicious, all natural food topper and treat mix created to give your furkid the taste they want. If your furkid is refusing to eat, bored with plain kibble, or just needs a special treat every now and then, Paw Shaker is a healthy, quick, and cost-effective option. Slow - Air dried Handcrafted in small batch, never mass produced, never automated. All our prooducts are Gluten Free and Grain Free. No Salt, Sugar, Dyes or Preservatiove are added to all our treats.