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Bake a Cake for your Dog/Cat (Fun & Easy DIY Kit)

Bake a Cake for your Dog/Cat (Fun & Easy DIY Kit)

If you want to celebrate your dogs/cats birthday, make a Easy Homemade Dog/Cat Cake for them! Just add 3 Eggs and steam only – your dogs/cats will LOVE every bite!

How To Make a Dog/Cat Cake  

Pupcake GIF.gif

Step 1 Add in 3 Eggs with Pupcake Mix

Step 2 Steam/Bake 15 mins

pupcake instruction 2.jpg

pupcake instruction 3.jpg


PupCake Mix is the quick and easy way to make a cake for your furkid! Delight your pup with our delicious pupcake mixes! 

SET d.jpg

Happy Barking and celebrating! Two Paws Up!

If your furkids love their pupcakes, let us know! Tag us on social media @TaffyBarkery or #TaffyBarkery

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Loved, Taffy the Chef 🐾


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